Thanks for sending us a ticket response with feedback, weather good or bad we appreciate it!

To help us, we have built in the app a hidden feature that will allow the user to get the ID from the ad when investigating the origin. If you could follow the instructions in the attachments it will help us determine these ads ID so we can reach out to the ad parties to stop sending them to the app.


Thanks for your help and you can send the information back directly at or respond to this ticket.

If the Ad does not show an ID then it is coming from an unknown source and we will need Other information that can be of help on this:

  1. If possible please provide the site ID where the bad ad was seen on the app
    1. Example Category & Subcategory
  2. The city/DMA/state/IP where the activity was seen?
  3. What device version? What OS version?



Looking forward to helping!

The DoApp Team