Android: How to check what has been using your battery

Battery Monitor

We have all come to the realization we need to monitor our battery life, and see exactly what is eating it up throughout the day. With just a few simple steps you can monitor your battery life as well, and gain a better understanding of what is draining it, and look for some ways to help improve it.

  1. Open device settings
  2. Scroll to "about phone"
  3. Click on "battery use"

Next to each process that is using battery you will notice that it will show a percentage of its use, generally the display is near the top, depending on. With this information you can see what applications and processes are eating through your battery, and adjust your usage to allow for better battery life.

If you believe the app is eating up too much battery life, we would like to hear from you and get a screenshot of the battery life in use from these settings.  Just attache the screenshot and reply back to the ticket you create in the feedback:

How to leave feedback to your current Battery Life issue by send Going to Feedback.

Return to the App Settings page by doing the following.

  1. Return to the App Settings
  2. Click on Leave Feedback
  3. Type in Response in the email generated & attach your screenshot of the Battery Life Display