STEP 1: Get Devices Crash Log

1)  Open Settings app

2) Go to Privacy, then Diagnostics & Usage

3) Select Diagnostics & Usage Data

4) Locate the log for the crashed app. The logs will be named in the format: <AppName>_<DateTime>_<DeviceName>

5) Select the desired log. Then, using the text selection UI select the entire text of the log. Once the text is selected, tap Copy

6) Paste the copied text to your ticket response using the Feedback inside the app settings.

STEP 2: Paste Crash Log to Leave Feedback inside app

Once you have obtained your Crash Log, please return to the Settings inside the App and paste to the ticket generated in "Feedback" 

  1. Return to the App Settings
  2. Click on Leave Feedback
  3. Paste the log contents  in Response in the email generated.