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Why always showing ad?

Every time I try to read an article nothing shows up but an ad

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I have the same issue. I even reinstalled the WSMV app, and that didn't help.
Same thing. I also uninstalled, hoping it would solve the problem, but no such luck. Now, I'm uninstalling for good. I've always been a fan of the News Channel 9 app, but now that it's full of ads, I will be using one of my other news apps.

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Too many adds cannot stand this app

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it has to many video adds i get lots of videos popups even wen im reading an article. u guys need to fix this crapy update u guys gave to this app now is worst.

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Same thing. No matter how many times I try to watch a local news video at the Ocala Star Banner site, this is what I get. Frustrating & intrusive. Can't make them disapppear.
Local news videos are covered with these ads no matter what I do. Can hear the audio & see an 1/8 inch band at the bottom of the screen but these Intrusive, irritating ads are ALWAYS there. I wish the people behind this ap could fix this or are they just telling us to get lost in the most annoying way possible?
Going to give this one last try. If these ads block my view again, I'm done & will uninstall this annoying, intrusive ap. So far, the WORST I've ever encountered. Hard to believe it's still a viable business.
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