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Bed Bugs

We live in an apt complex, a few months ago we noticed signs of bed bugs....we informed office manager...she had an exterminator come in and fumigate, and later let us know that we would be charged 400.00. I feel we are not at fault since our complex is conjoined... they could have come from any tenants moving in or out, we’ve lived here for well over 15 years...never had this issue, but have have seen tenants move in and out through out the years. Recently we had neighbors move out right behind us that are conjoined to our apt. In addition we were told by the office manager not to disclose this information to our neighbors, which sounded odd to me. We are not infested at this point, caught it early and are being very cautious about the situation. I’ve read up on accountability in some cases and I know it’s a hard case to win as far as who forks up the bill, but some say when living in conjoining building or Apts you have a better chance of winning in this particular matter. Please adivse on this sort of case.
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